11 Steps To Ace Job Interview

by savanna in Interview 18/04/2016

Now that you have secured the interview, here are 11 steps you should follow if you don’t already, to help you ace any job interview:

1. Research

Do your search about the company as this is very important. Painstakingly find every thing out about the company, thorough research is important, know their product, values and current updates.

2. Practice 

Practice answering likely interview questions until the answers roll off your tongue effortlessly.

3. Prepare

Pick out a professional outfit to help you look the part. Be groomed and ensure that your shoes are polished.

4. Plan

Plan your journey well in advance, do a test run if necessary, especially if the job interview is an area you are not familiar with.

5. Gather

Print and hold the job application, your CV/ Resume, cover letter, details of any references, pen your skills portfolio and achievement letters.

6. Re – energise

 Sleep early the day before so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the interviewers.

7. Arrive

Arrive at the interview 15 minutes early and be polite to the receptionist and everyone you meet.

8. Set Up

Firmly shake hands with the panel, seat up, neatly place your CV, notepad and your skills portfolio file in front of you.

9. Stand Out

Maintain eye contact, smile and answer all the questions. Remain professional, be on point, refer to your skills portfolio  and when it’s your turn to ask questions, ask clever questions.

10. Close

When the interview finishes, thank the panel for their time and slot in your closing statement before you leave. Remain polite on your way out.

11. Gratitude

When you get home, remained them of you by sending a thank you card or email to he panel. Wait to here from them. follow up later if necessary, but don’t over do it.