5 Workplace Fears of Employees Every Employer Must Keep Tabs On!

by savanna in Career Management, Employers 29/01/2017

Everyone might have been subject to some sort of workplace stress at some point in our careers. Workplace fears lead to lower productivity and hinder your career progression.

Despite all this, most employees still suffer from some common types of fears at the workplace. In this article, we will shed some light on some common types of workplace fears that you should get rid of right now.

1. Fear of Being Fired

One of the most common workplace fears among the employees is the fear of being fired. Most employees are ready to do anything to secure their jobs. With growing uncertainty in the business world, layoffs by major corporations and turbulent financial conditions coupled with low productivity levels, businesses are looking to cut down costs by laying off employees.

Concerns and fears of employees are more than justified but employees should focus on giving their best instead of letting the fear get to them and performing poorly, which will eventually lead to firing.

2. Fear of Failure

Failure can put a huge dent in employee’s confidence and force them to go into a shell. Their cautious attitude towards work prevents them from displaying their real talent. As a result, they never achieve the result they are capable of all because of the fear of failure.

Employees should consider failure as an opportunity to learn from their past mistakes and improve instead of fearing failure. Top management should also play a role in eradicating the fear of failure among their employees by giving employees a platform where they can show their real talent without fearing failure.

3. Fear of Embarrassment

No one likes to be shouted at or embarrassed in front of his or her co-workers. The fear of embarrassment forces employees to keep their mouth shuts and avoid any such situation.

Even if they have an opinion, reservations or complain, they will not share it because of fear of embarrassment. This results in a workplace environment where employees are not empowered and they do not have any input in the decision making process. This widens the gap between employees and top management.

According to a study published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggest that embarrassment is not as bad as most employees think. It helps strengthen the relationship and foster trust among both parties, which is quite amazing.

4. Fear of Confrontation

Another type of fear that stops employees from giving their feedback at the workplace is fear of confrontation. Many employees do not speak a word fearing that they will face a backlash from different circles including their peers, managers and other stakeholders.

Sometimes, these workplace conflicts can wreck havoc on the workplace environment, Manager will have to intervene and find a win-win situation for both parties to end the dispute peacefully. If left unattended and allowed to something more dangerous, these workplace issues can burn down your business completely.

5. Fear of Isolation

Every new employee struggles to adjust to the new environment. They fear being left alone if they go against the popular group. You might find sub-teams within a team that have a single agenda and if you oppose it, you will be left alone. To ensure none of your team members is left in isolation, managers will have to play a crucial role and keep all the team members on the same page.

This will help them in achieving the organizational goals and being more productive as a team. Managers will have to identify any such behavior and take appropriate measure to resolve such issues otherwise; you will never be able to achieve your objectives.

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