7 Jobs For College Grads To Plan a Lucrative Career!

by savanna in Career Management 13/01/2017

A job is essential for college grads as it allows them to apply their acquired knowledge and expertise. Getting educated is one thing but honing your skills is a different thing altogether. The skills learned in the classroom are exercised practically in the job market.

For the coming year, we have rounded up some high-paying jobs with a great deal of scope in the years to come. Let’s drill them down in this list:

1. Audiologist

Audiologist jobs are at an all-time high. Audiologists treat hearing impairments and provide diagnostic to patients. According to a survey by United States Department of Labor, the median salary of an audiologist is up to $74,890per annum on an average. To qualify for this job you should have a professional degree in audiology. In 2014 alone, there were 13,200 jobs in the US.

2. Interpreter/ Translator

The profession calls for translating different languages for ease of communication. A good example of this job is a translator working at UN general assembly to interpret the speech of the representatives of various countries.

According to US News, an interpreter earns up to an average income of $43,590 per annum. A bachelor’s degree in the designated field is required. A total of 61,000 jobs were reported in 2014 with an outlook for growth of 29% by 2024.

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3. Cartographer

The job of a cartographer is to measure and update geographic information such as maps and charts. The idea is to plan and develop maps for the Earth and space that serve in education, weather forecasting, and disaster management. The study helps forecast any abrupt climatic changes in a specific geographic location and allows the concerned authorities to alert the people living in that particular area.

With a median pay of $60,930 per year, a cartographer requires a bachelor’s degree and totaled some 12,300 jobs in 2014. The growth outlook is bright; 29% come 2024.

4. Personal financial advisor

As the name implies personal financial advisors provide tailored service to customers in terms of their investment schemes, insurance and mortgages, college savings, real estate, taxes and retirement planning. It is a broad field and encompasses a wide variety of services.

Naturally, the pay is higher amongst all discussed so far. The median pay is $81,060 per year for a personal financial advisor. A bachelor’s degree in finance is essential to qualify for this job. As per the survey by United States Department of Labor, there are a total of 249,400 of jobs in this profession and you can expect it to flourish even more in the future. According to the experts, the field would grow up to 30% more by 2024.

5. Operation research analyst

Operation research analysts are the ones who use the advanced mathematical techniques to resolve complex situations in order to reach conclusive decisions. It is reported that as per 2014, the median pay for an operations analyst is $76,660 yearly. To qualify for the role, a bachelor’s degree is essential.

A total of 91,300 jobs were available in 2014 and the experts suggest that the potential for growth in this domain is 30%, come 2024.

6. Physician’s assistant

A professional in this field is more commonly known as PA who accompanies a team of physicians, surgeons and other medical practitioners to gain on-job experience. They too are responsible for treating and examining the patients. An average pay for a PA can go up to $98,180 per year.

In terms of educational requirements, you need to have at least a Master’s qualification. According to 2014 stats, the number of jobs was a rising 94,400 with a further growth potential of 30% by 2024.

7. Statisticians

Statistics is a profession which deals in numbers and other intricate calculations. Statisticians around the world solve real-world problems pertaining to business, engineering and healthcare departments. The salaries in this profession are high and can go up to $79,990/year on an average.

Master’s qualification is a pre-requisite for the job. The number of jobs in 2014 accounted for some 30,000 in the count, while it is projected to grow by 34% until 2024.


So the aforementioned are some of the disciplines that college grads can seek to make their mark in the professional world. You must understand that these fields require certain benchmarks to be met in terms of education and training. Hence, you must start planning ASAP!

Note:The surveys presented have been quoted from the websites of Bureau of Labor Statistics ( and US News (

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Rebecca Katharine is a professor in a leading institute.