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Data Scientist

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As a Data Scientist working within a product team you’ll make significant impact on OVO propositions by delivering on a vision to combine insights from product analytics with data science on energy data.

The role is at the heart of our vision to give customers what they’ve told us they really want: renewable energy available, when they need it, at the lowest possible cost. For us the solution is really simple.

– To lower energy costs, we need to shift as much consumption as possible away from peak times, when demand is highest and when the grid is most congested.
– Three quarters of electricity costs for the average household are made up of charges for power supply between 4 and 7pm. This will only get worse without some way to manage the levels of demand.
– So we’ve invested in VCharge, home energy storage and electric vehicles/battery technology to help facilitate the move to a greener, cleaner future

OVO Energy customers will be the first to directly benefit from these products.

What will I be doing?

You will help customers understand their energy usage, and the data from other energy technology products they have (e.g. our electric vehicle chargers, smart thermostats, battery solutions…). Your analysis will provide personalised recommendations to customers to help them understand what they can do to access cheaper, greener and simpler energy, and manage their homes to suit them better.

You’ll apply your expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and understand how our users interact with our core products, including but not limited to the electricity and gas we sell them.

Then you’ll use your knowledge to enable new propositions, by developing algorithms which extract further value from complex time series data, exposing insightful information about OVO’s customers.

You’ll wear these hats:

Deriving insights from smart meter and product usage data
– Identifying new insights about customers and systems using techniques from rules based methods to deep learning models
– Building models of user behaviour for analysis or to empower production systems
– Developing models of energy disaggregation (NILM)

Exploring possibilities for change
– Proposing what to build next
– Understanding relationships, user behaviours, and long-term trends
– Identifying levers to help move key metrics
– Evaluating and defining metrics

Informing product and the wider business
– Defining and baselining goals
– Designing and evaluating key product metrics, understanding root causes of changes and trends
– Building and analyzing dashboards and reports

Managing data
– Working in Google BigQuery / SQL / Python / Kafka
– Building key data sets to drive your operational and exploratory analysis
– Working with developers to automate analysis

Do I have what it takes?
Essential skills and experience:

– 1+ years of product analytics/data science experience, ideally in related industries, otherwise on a range of problems including time series modelling, and always translated to true commercial impact
– Working knowledge of analytics and data science domains, including statistics, machine learning and predictive modeling, experimental design, and optimisation
– Proven ability to initiate and drive commercial projects to completion with minimal guidance
– Degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, or other technical fields
– Fluency in SQL and Python
– Able to adequately document your work so others can pick it up and evolve on it to their needs.
– Ability to present and communicate data driven results clearly, concisely and effectively

Ideally you will have…

– Experience in cloud data services, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure etc
– An understanding of the UK energy market
– Experience with time series data modelling

OVO believes in fueling human progress with clean and abundant energy for all. We were set up to challenge the status quo: to be the good ones, always find a way, and build something great. We embrace simplicity, transparency, and treating people and our planet fairly. And we understand that attracting and keeping the best talent is key to our bright future, so our people will always share in our success. Our benefits are nice too.

We celebrate diversity and value equal opportunity: the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We want to build a team which represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, and we decide employment on the basis of merit and potential.
Employment Type: Permanent