Senior FPGA Engineer, not the same old FPGA job

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High speed logic design for print systems the size of a house, with 3000 nozzles printing 4 meters a second at photo quality can be a challenge. The physical complexity of the system as a whole make this somewhat different to most of the FPGA jobs out there. Placing droplets accurately within 100 nanoseconds from a printhead 1mm above whatever you are printing on takes some doing. My client needs an FPGA engineer who really understands what their code does inside an FPGA.

This position would suit an experienced FPGA engineer who wants to focus purely on technical work. There are no juniors to mentor (all 12 core R&D members are experienced) and no immediate opportunities to move into a management role, it’s all about R&D.

The team generally work from home Monday and Fridays, Tuesdays-Thursdays is collaborative work time in the office, but there is flexibility where needed.

They use VHDL for development but if your more experienced in Verilog they are happy to send you on a course to get up to speed.

65 person company, BUPA, 25 days holiday, bonus usually pays between 7 and 10%. Get in touch to find out more
Employment Type: Permanent